Computer Laboratory Policies and Guidelines

Computer Laboratory Policies and Guidelines

1. Personal belongings such as back packs, bags (of a reasonable size) may be brought inside the computer laboratory and put it on the cabinet for bags.

2. Students are encouraged to be on guard with their valuables (i.e. cell phone, wallet, and other electronic devices). No one is liable for the loss or damage of any personal property in the laboratory.

3. Students must stay at the terminals assigned to them by the laboratory administrator or teacher on duty. Swapping of tag numbers is not allowed. Loitering inside the lab is also prohibited.

4. Only one student should occupy one computer terminal.

5. In case of group work, the laboratory administrator may allow a maximum of two to five students to use a single terminal.

6. No one is allowed to alter the setting configuration of any computer laboratory facility without proper authorization from the laboratory administrator.

7. Equipment and cables are to be moved by authorized personnel only. Users are not allowed to attach personal hardware or software in any of the computer laboratory's network without permission from the laboratory administrator.

8. Any malfunction or damage observed at the terminals assigned must be immediately reported to the laboratory administrator on duty.

9. Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, and any form of vandalism are prohibited inside the computer laboratory.

10. Games are not allowed inside the computer laboratory. This includes computer-related games, card games and other games that may disturb the operation of the laboratory. Student may ask permission from the teacher for them to play games.

11. Accessing PORNOGRAPHIC sites is strictly prohibited.

12. Cellular phones must be in silent mode before entering any computer lab. Silence should always be observed.

13. Any conduct or activity which disturbs the computer laboratory's environment is not allowed. Anyone causing continual disturbance will be asked to leave the facility. If the offense done is serious enough, the laboratory administrator may call the Discipline / Security Office for assistance.

14. Individuals exhibiting hostile or threatening behavior such as yelling, swearing, or disregarding requests made by lab personnel will be asked to leave the lab.

15. Display of personal affection inside the laboratory is prohibited.

16. Computer laboratories are designated for academic use. Students needing to use computers to complete academic assignments are given priority over those using the facility for recreation.

17. Proper decorum must be observed inside computer laboratories. Wearing of hats/caps and other body clothing accessories that cause distractions to students are not allowed.

18. The laboratory administrator has the right to advise any user to leave the premises in case the user violates any of the policies.

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