An initiation to the activity and process of philosophical reflection as a search for a synoptic vision of life. Topics to be discussed include the human experiences of embodiment, being in the world with others and the environment, freedom, intersubjectivity, sociality, being unto death. Course objectives: At the end of the course, the student should be able to: 1. Reflect on their daily experiences from a holistic point of view 2. Aquire Critical and Analytical Thinking skills 3. Apply their critical and analytical thinking skills to the affairs of daily life 4. Become truthful, environment-friendly and service-oriented 5. Actively committed to the development of a more humane society 6. Articulate their own philosophy of life Over-all Standard for Grade 12: The learner should be able to demonstrate a capacity for a critical and analytical reflection from the perspective of a holistic and profound vision of life.